Price: $379.00

Special Projects EVOD1 Headworn Transmitter Only – Includes charger

Special Projects EVOD1 Headworn Transmitter.  Operates with AW-25 Scan16 Receiver  (with charger included).

The Special Projects EVOD1 Headworn Transmitter is here!  This hardy transmitter is easily recharged. It's resistant to water and sweat and operates with 16 channels. The need for a bodypack is obsolete now that this model has arrived.  The Special Projects EVOD1 Headworn Transmitter brings a small transmitter together with a headset.  The system sits easily behind your ear instead of hanging off behind the transmitter. You can use the Speacial Projects EVOD1 Headworn Transmitter along side the Scan 16 Receiver. (The receiver must be purchased separately).  Locate a clear channel, press a single button and you are off and running.  The system has a memory to keep the settings. You can easily start back where you left off. Just shut it down and power back up. Charging is a snap with the EVOD1 Headworn Transmitter. Just simply attach it to it's charging cable and let it go. This tiny power house can run for up to 4 hours depending on use. What are you waiting for?  The EVOD1 Headworn Transmitter is ready and waiting!

Special Projects EVOD1 Headworn Transmitter Specifications:

  • No bodypack is required. No cables are needed! Just real, reliable wireless ALL IN ONE!
  • A Water resistant microphone element and transmitter. You won’t sweat this out!
  • Built-in recharging system - no more batteries to replace, offers up to 4 hours talk time, depending on use!
  • Frequency agile. 16 FCC-safe UHF channels!
  • Features a Noise-canceling microphone element!
  • Flexible microphone boom!
  • Operates with the easy to use Scan16 receiver or with Special Projects Audio portables. All purchased separately.
  • Shipping weight: 5 lbs.
  • note: no license is needed to operate this microphone unit.