Price: $449.99

Mackie C300z 12" 2-Way Compact Passive SR Loudspeaker

Mackie C300z 12" 2-Way Compact Passive SR Loudspeaker if your looking for massive, accurate output from your loudspeaker and a piece of gear equipment that's going to last and aren't afraid of a few thumps or strong bass hits Mackie's got you covered!

The Mackie C300z 12" 2-Way Compact Passive SR Loudspeaker is an unpowered loudspeaker a ton of power. For maximum sound dispersal, the C300z sports components from the ubiquitous SRM450 with custom design and tuning by Eastern Acoustic Works. Your audience will hear you loud and most importantly crisp and clear!

Passive design with SRM450 components

The Mackie C300z passive loudspeakers are a quick way to expand your system, allowing you to add speakers and more power as needed. The C300z speakers has the same drivers and studio sound quality of Mackie's SRM450. They're designed for optimum performance with Mackie powered mixers and power amps.

Lightweight speakers with heavy-duty components

The C300z two-way loudspeaker weighs less than 45 pounds, but it packs a ton of punch. The C300z features 600-watt peak power capacity, a 1.75-inch mylar high-frequency compression driver, and a 12" low frequency transducer with a 3" voice coil that can handle extreme temperatures both in the cabinet and in the outside world.

Precision-designed crossovers for maximum clarity

The crossover in the C300z employs Mackie's unique Low Impedance Compensated Crossover (LICC) design. With EQ and crossover points meticulously chosen so that beam-width patterns match in both drivers, C300z loudspeakers offer natural sound at all volume levels with precise reproduction of the critical midrange and high frequencies for vocal clarity. This tough build comes with with multiple mounting options The Mackie C300z 12" 2-Way Compact Passive SR Loudspeaker comes stacked with an injection-molded composite chassis that's rigid enough to prevent unwanted resonance and standing waves forming inside the cabinet. This speaker shrugs off impacts . Made for convenience, the C300z has built-in fly points for hanging plus a socket in the bottom for stand mounting. Their asymmetrical trapezoidal cabinet means they can also recline for floor monitor use.

Mackie C300z Features

  • 2-way portable sound reinforcement speaker
  • Custom cabinet tuning by Eastern Acoustic Works
  • 12" long throw low-frequency transducer
  • High output 1.75" precision titanium compression driver
  • Power capacity 600 watts •Frequency response 45Hz-22kHz
  • Rugged injection-molded enclosure
  • Can be used as floor monitors, pole mounted, or flown