Price: $1,199.99

Mackie PPM1012 12-channel/4bus Premium SR Mixer

Mackie PPM1012 12-channel/4bus Premium SR Mixer. Ultra-light and rack-mountable. The Mackie PPM1012 professional powered desktop mixer features two ridiculously robust power amps for mains and/or monitors (800W 800W). 1600 watts of system power this mixer provides all the power that you will need. Things can get pretty intense out there! Your gear needs to be able keep up the pace. This custom designed Mackie PPM1012 12-channel/4bus Premium SR Mixer with Class-D amps that are ultra cool-running and boast maximum efficiency. This Mackie PPM1012 12-Channel/4bus Premium SR Mixer keeps your sound pumping all night long. Mackie PPM1012 12-channel/4bus Premium SR Mixer includes Mackie's proven Fast Recovery circuitry. Eliminating the risk of pesky amp latching. The result is a distortion free mix even when pushing peak levels. The built-in limiter can go head to head with the most popular outboard stereo limiters used in live sound today. Helping to protect your speakers from damage. The limiters attack and release times are custom selected to address full bandwidth music and will not muddy things up by adding any unwanted pumping. PPM mixers are surprisingly very lightweight yet highly powerful. You can puSHthe PPM1012 to its maximum output distortion free!