Price: $79.99

Grommes SLS Speaker Lightning Suppressor

No one knows when and where lightning will strike. But with the Grommes~Precision SLS, you can rest easy in knowing that the majority of the reason electronic equipment gets damaged from lightning striking the speaker line can now be eliminated inexpensively! 

Most lightning damage to electronic equipment is caused through induction. With induction, lightning does not strike the speaker line or electronic equipment directly, rather, it propels, or induces, large voltages of electrical energy into the system. Equipment connected to long speaker lines or input lines are especially susceptible to damage from induction.

Therefore, Grommes~Precision designed the SLS to prevent induced speaker line lightning surges from harming the electronic equipment connected to it. Although not much can withstand the rare direct strike, the SLS can help protect electronic equipment from the much more likely induced strike. Once the current flowing through the SLS exceeds its switching current, the SLS clamps the transient voltage simulating a short circuit condition. Once the current flowing through the SLS is less than the devices holding current, the SLS will reset, protecting your electronic equipment. Simply locate the SLS within the speaker line directly. SLS and the SLS-HW are Triple Protected: Primary & Secondary, Series, and Shunt.

And, with over a half-century of experience in the business, Grommes~Precision’s SLS is made in America, and is
backed by Grommes~Precision’s unbeatable expertise and Assurance Policy: a 5 year warranty and 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.