Price: $74.99

Mackie TH-15A Speaker Bag

Mackie Speaker Bag for TH-15A & Thump 15 . Travel with Your Mackie TH-15A or Thump 15 Speaker Safely and Comfortably. The Mackie Thump15 Speaker Bag allows you to transport your loudspeaker conveniently and safely. This Mackie black canvas Thump15 Speaker Bag is designed to fit the TH-15A or Thump 15 portable loudspeakers built with an extra-wide shoulder strap for comfortable transport. This durable, lightweight bag features a large zippered compartment so you can carry all your PA accessories. The Mackie Thump 15 Speaker bag features room for a mic, XLR cable, and other small accessories.

This bag allows you can take that performance wherever you go with Thump 15 Speaker Bag. Travel in style and comfort with this black bag with the white Mackie signature logo. Use this bag to make your travels simple . Easily to put your gear in and take it out. Plenty of room to store extra chords and accessories. The Mackie Thump 15 Speaker Bag is a definite must for all Mackie TH-15A or Thump 15 series owners!